Review Of Courier Companies In Singapore

As my previous posts were talking mostly about the logistics and how I distributed my Sage comic books to my customers in Singapore, here I will share with you my opinions about the various courier companies in Singapore. I approached a number of courier firms to get a quote as well as get a feel of their services. Here’s what I think:

A) PCA Masters
They specialize in ad hoc courier deliveries for individuals and corporations. Although their main stray is not Ecommerce businesses, because my volume is not high, PCA Masters is quite useful for me still. This is because even if I went with a pure ‘Ecommerce logistics company’, I would be paying exorbitant fees because my volume of Sage comics sold in Singapore isn’t that high. As a result, I might as well go with a dedicated courier company which pays attention to every courier delivery. (One thing you may note is that unlike ‘courier’ companies like PCA Masters, if you went with a Ecommerce logistics company, they will process extremely large amounts of boxes, and hence it will be nearly impossible for you to get an idea what happened to your package to be delivered e.g. status of delivery). In addition, most dedicated courier companies place a higher importance on customer service, so they would be focused on delivering to the right recipient with the right service attitude, rather than simply dropping something off and driving away.

B) Regent Courier
I would think that their islandwide non-urgent document deliveries are relatively cheap, but if one or more of the addresses are residential addresses, then it costs a lot more to go with Regent. Their van rates surprisingly aren’t that competitive even though they write their main focus is on vans.

Personally, I had only 2 experiences with Regent courier while trying them out, and they were both ok though one of the deliveries, the deliveryman came slightly later than I specified. Most other online reviews of Regent is pretty decent as well except for one or two which seemed to have had bad run ins with them.

C) Speedpost
If you want cheap, go to Speedpost. The main reason why many companies in Singapore still don’t use Speedpost is simply because, if these employees had the time to walk to Speedpost for the same day courier service, they might as well deliver the items themselves! Seriously, what’s the point of going down to a Singpost branch for them to courier the item then? I might as well simply mail it out or deliver it myself. I guess that’s why their prices are good, but it’s so inconvenient. lol.

My conclusion: Here’s my verdict. Each company has it’s strengths (cliche yes I know), but in my opinion, if you’re looking for reliability and convenience, then I would say that PCA Masters would edge out Regent courier. That’s just my opinion, you need to see which one you need more (e.g. which criteria in deciding for your courier deliveries is most important).

Starting a comic book company – logistics and delivery

There are two main aspects to building a comic book company in Singapore. First of all, you would need to create a comic series which will not only entice people to buy it, but to continually buy it as you release new chapters and editions. Second of all, you need to know how to distribute your product (comic book) e.g. through direct courier delivery to your customers’ homes or through book store distribution.

First of all, let us watch the video below which talks about creating a comic book series which customers actually want to read before we move on to talk about the logistics part after.

There are two main ways in which you can build your Sage comic book business now in Singapore. In the not so distant past, the only way you could sell them and get many people to notice your comic book was to strike deals with book stores and get them distributed in the retail stores. It was virtually the only way to build a comic book business in Singapore. However, in recent years, most people buy things online. This means that you would be able to find an increasing volume of customers who purchase items online – which also means that you should be selling online! First of all, it’s very easy to sell online. The costs are negligible compared to the time and costs needed to break into physical book stores. Why bother fighting with other established comic book publishers for limited and tiny shelf spaces when you can have the luxury of the entire Internet as your distribution channels?

This is why and how many companies sell their comic books in Singapore. They publish and sell online, and get their delivery company to courier it to their clients houses. Courier services are very affordable and you should look into them.