Dealing With Last Minute And Urgent Courier Deliveries

There are many times where I have had to deal with urgent courier deliveries in Singapore.

Have you tried dealing with most Singapore courier companies when you need an urgent delivery? My gosh, nearly all of them are great at giving excuses as to why they cannot fulfill it on the same day. Dang it. I can call them at 4pm and they can reject my order even when Im willing to pay more. I mean, why would you do business if you cannot even accept same day courier services at 4pm? Sometimes I order something at 10am and they can deliver it by 1030am, but they can’t pick up my item at 4pm and deliver by 6pm? It’s ridiculous.

There are thankfully some very rare few companies in Singapore which still provide same day courier deliveries till late in the working day, and an example of such a fine company is PCA Masters – contact them here.

In case you don’t already know, most other courier companies in Singapore close their shop around 3pm. Very few courier companies in Singapore will actually take in courier orders after that time as most of them are unable to fulfill it anyway. It takes a company with good operational and logistics planning to actually execute courier orders throughout the same day. Very few companies also have that manpower required to achieve such results for orders all across Singapore. PCA Masters is one of the rare few companies which are capable of achieving this.

Unless you work with a top Singapore courier company like PCA Masters, you’re going to be vastly disappointed if you need urgent deliveries or last minute or even evening orders – because most companies have either closed, stopped accepting new same day job offers or perhaps even give you some lame excuse.