What Defines A Reliable Courier Company?

With so many metrics and criteria to look at when picking and working with a suitable courier company in Singapore, how do you know what defines a reliable and good courier firm?

Here are some key pointers you should take note when appointing a courier company as your company’s service provider.

1. Accountability.
One big reason why executives want courier service is because they need accountability. The item cannot just be lost and be accounted for. They would also ideally need to know what time and date it was delivered on. For such a company, turn to Network Courier. They have a big team of admin support staff who will be able to assist you in the event of a loss.

2. Network capabilities.
Not every courier company is able to accept jobs till late – except for PCA Masters Pte Ltd. If you need a job to be ordered and done at around 4pm to 5pm daily, when every other courier firm has closed shop, PCA Masters is still around and able to accept jobs for everyone else still!

3. Punctuality.
When you deliver something, it’s probably time sensitive, otherwise you would not have spent the money on courier service. It’s incredibly frustrating when you spend money for a courier to be late. This is usually the case when you work with only 1 contractor as your ‘courier provider’ and end up with sub par performance. There are also a lot of tiny contractor companies which are terrible in performance. Never use these companies you’ve never heard before in real life, cannot find online and don’t even have a website or online presence!!!

4. Item conditions.
I hope you have not met such a case, but I have colleagues who have couriered parcels (gifts actually) only for one side of the box to be boxed in as a result of the courier’s carelessness. Although this is a small thing, do you know how bad that looks to the recipient? Maybe I’m over-reacting, but this is definitely unacceptable. I do not pay people to destroy my things or not treat my things with absolutely no respect!

Maybe the above criteria are stringent to you, or maybe they’re too relaxed. In any situation though, in my opinion, the above are still the main criteria you’ve got to be looking out for when picking a courier firm to work with in the long term and partner with for your deliveries in Singapore. Hope that helps.