Features I look for in a Singapore courier company

As a business owner of a comic book company, I outsource all the deliveries for my comic books to a Singapore courier company – PCA Masters. In case you want to look for them, you can simply Google them or access the link here – http://www.pcamasters.com/courier-delivery-singapore/.

Some people say that it is too risky to rely on one courier company to fulfill all your deliveries. I beg to differ. That is generally true when your vendor is unreliable. If you vendor is established enough to handle your business’s fluctuating demands, then there should be no problem. I would rather work with a large and reputable company than to thin out my volume across many multiple vendors. Working with just one vendor is much more convenient for me. I get to save a lot of time as compared to working with multiple vendors.

How do I determine that the Singapore courier company is right for my business?

There are a few features I look out for.

Firstly, the Singapore courier company must be incorporated and partnered with multiple reputable customers. There are many courier businesses in Singapore that are unregistered and it is quite dodgy to approach them to do business. Look for the ones which are incorporated legally. A good courier company should have earned itself some recognition by working with some large customers. Take for example PCA Masters. PCA Masters have worked with large companies like Barclays, Singapore Power and Hilton Resorts. These companies should have done its due diligence before approaching vendors for partnerships. This is a way to reaffirm your judgement of the reputation and capability of the courier company. If a courier company is good enough to fulfill deliveries for large and reputable companies, it will probably be good enough to fulfill your deliveries too.

Secondly, the courier company must be able to respond to last minute delivery requests. Many courier companies do not have adequate manpower to meet with a spike in delivery volume. It is not ideal for customers, and would have made a huge impact in the satisfaction level of the end customers. This will not be something that the customers want.

Lastly, the courier company must be able to adopt an active stance and update me of the delivery statuses as and when they change. This is an added value service I want to provide more convenience for myself. Afterall, we are the customers and we expect good service to be offered to us.

Starting a comic book company – logistics and delivery

There are two main aspects to building a comic book company in Singapore. First of all, you would need to create a comic series which will not only entice people to buy it, but to continually buy it as you release new chapters and editions. Second of all, you need to know how to distribute your product (comic book) e.g. through direct courier delivery to your customers’ homes or through book store distribution.

First of all, let us watch the video below which talks about creating a comic book series which customers actually want to read before we move on to talk about the logistics part after.

There are two main ways in which you can build your Sage comic book business now in Singapore. In the not so distant past, the only way you could sell them and get many people to notice your comic book was to strike deals with book stores and get them distributed in the retail stores. It was virtually the only way to build a comic book business in Singapore. However, in recent years, most people buy things online. This means that you would be able to find an increasing volume of customers who purchase items online – which also means that you should be selling online! First of all, it’s very easy to sell online. The costs are negligible compared to the time and costs needed to break into physical book stores. Why bother fighting with other established comic book publishers for limited and tiny shelf spaces when you can have the luxury of theĀ entire Internet as your distribution channels?

This is why and how many companies sell their comic books in Singapore. They publish and sell online, and get their delivery company to courier it to their clients houses. Courier services are very affordable and you should look into them.