Delivering Sage Comics To Customers In Singapore

I’m a big fan of Sage comics. In fact, I love everything to do with the Marvel Universe. But in this case, let us just talk about Sage (also known as Tessa).

I have been a big fan and buying any Marvel comics which have Sage in it. I think her prowess and abilities are simply so powerful. Now, I sell Sage comics also. Because not everyone knows which comic books have Sage in it.

Distributing the comics in Singapore proved to be a challenge in the beginning. This is because the community who loves Sage is not big, the volume that I sell is not high. This means that I’m unable to hire my own driver, not am I able to benefit from the low prices which delivery companies offer typical E-commerce companies.

Therefore, I turned to courier companies in Singapore. What I realized was that they offered a great service for my needs. I need to know that my customers have received their item, with some kind of photo proof so they don’t bite me in the leg by saying I didn’t send it. It would be disastrous if the postal services lost it. They’re never accountable for anything anyway. Why take that risk. I’ll just courier it.

However, I have to say that not all companies in Singapore are the same. There are very well-established and reputable companies in Singapore like PCA Masters, Network Courier, while there are tiny ones as well.

I would usually work with an established one as I would be assured of their quality because many other large companies use them as well.

As I need photo proof for all my courier services, I used PCA Masters. They provided them as a complimentary service, and whenever the delivery is successful, they update me. Life’s is good when you know your item is delivered without needing to consistently check the status with the courier company.